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Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a box that is held within a highly secure safe or vault. Access to the box is only available to the named keyholder(s). You can use the box to store valuable possessions that you may not wish to store...

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Super Secured Lockers

Each safe deposit box is individually alarmed and has two locks. One lock is electronic and released by using your smartcard and pin code (set by you).  The other lock is released using your secure customer key (only ever held by you; we do...

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Palm Vein Biometric Access

Access to your vault and locker is strictly limited to registered and authorised customers only. A combination of biometric credentials (Palm Vein – vastly more secure than fingerprint technology), RFID smartcard and PIN number are required to enter the vault and unlock your locker....

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Our differences

Our vaults house thousands of electronic safe deposit lockers. These are sophisticated lockers that can only be opened by the owner of the locker passing through a controlled path along which he or she must first verify a palm vein scan, then enter a...

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